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This small apartment in Paris has only 30 sq. meters. It was designed by Richard Gilbert, the architect. This space used to be dark, yet modern renovation has changed the interior specifically for a young ambitious couple. Small rooms were replaced by a light living room in order to enhance efficiency of the room`s use and enlarge storage zones. The discreet and secluded new bedroom hides an extensive zone for things. The ascent of the bed level makes the area similar to a comfortable stateroom, whereas the wide sliding door allows to isolate it from the living room. There is a long wardrobe with four niches near the entrance. They are covered with panels of white and birch plywood. This multifunctional furniture item holds electric power meters, some technic items, a storage room, a fridge, a wine chiller, a TV set, a wardrobe and many other items. The junctions of former walls have been highlighted with white concrete. These graphic lines enliven the classic wooden floor and describe the past of this Parisian apartment.

Photos by Meero