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Camillo Botticini is the architect bureau which implemented a project of the Alpine residence in Italy. This is a modern house, occupying 360 sq. meters and constructed at the valley, around 700 meters above the sea level. It stands on a slope and thus may offer marvelous panoramic views on the surroundings. The backyard is adjoined to the dense trees; this provides the feeling of shelteredness. The house has unusual form, which create the quiet inner yard. Panoramic windows set close connection between the interior and exterior. In order to deepen integration into the nature, the designers applied natural materials (wood and copper) to the façade`s finishing. The house`s space is divided on three blocks, one of which is occupied by three bedrooms with bathrooms. The central area is projected for a living room, running into the nominal third block with a dining room, a kitchen and a cabinet above. The underground level is occupied by a garage and service rooms. Thus, the residence is made ecology safe and equipped with energy saving systems.

Photos by Nicolò Galeazzi