This impressive and beautifully decorated apartment with view on Hammarby Lake is located in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The total area of the apartment is 151 square meters and is distinguished with a great combination of vintage elements with modern furniture items that make its design really unique.


The heart of the apartment is a huge living room, located in the center and is an ideal place for rest, parties and guest receptions. Elegant chandeliers and vintage elements that decorate this room for guests and family members create an atmosphere of elegance, coziness and comfort.

Thanks to the fact that the room is spacious, even a grey colour of the walls and ceilings doesn’t create a feeling of gloominess. The design of the apartment, and correctly chosen colours have allowed designers to create a harmonious combination of antiquity and modernity. In reality, even the neutral colours can make the apartment attractive and luxurious if one skillfully uses techniques of a balanced combination of natural lighting and laws of architectural styles.

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