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The Archispektras studio has implemented the project of a private house in Pape (Latvia). The Dune residence has 175 sq. meters and is located on dunes close to Baltic Sea. The sharp and asymmetrical construction combines traditional straw and elegant glass, becoming notable and supplementing the surrounding with free lines. At the same time the house stays in perfect harmony with the neighboring constructions despite its modern appearance. It was created for a kitesurfer`s family and is equipped with all conveniences. The dwelling offers panoramic sea view and possibility to enjoy the endless horizon. A living room, a kitchen and a dining room are united into the single zone. There is a rest room at the second floor, opened to the space downstairs. Such approach stimulates social interaction inside the house. Bedrooms and bathrooms are isolated. In general, the house`s interior is full of wood and warmth. It is a bit harsh and soft at the time and provides comfort and positive atmosphere, perfect for a pleasant rest.

Photos by Juozas Kamenskas