Hideaway chair was designed by Think & Shift design studio and intended especially for children`s centers of New Zealand called New Shoots. In order to work out the armchair`s project the authors have to completely forgot all they knew about ergonomics. It turns out that children sit in a completely different manner, than elders. A child may lie sidelong, on the back, upside down, may stand and do anything but not to sit straight-backed, as the elders want. Hideaway shelter chair creation become the result of such research, and is intended for a child`s comfortable accommodation.
The model`s sitting is located pretty close to the ground so that the child understands that the armchair is intended directly for him/her. The chair is made in a form of “armor” with four sections of molded plywood. The sitting is supplemented with upholstery of natural wool. In order to transport and store the armchair it is possible to easily unpack it without additional tools using. Hideaway chair is produced in New Zealand by Starex company exceptionally of local materials.

Hideaway Children`s Armchair 1

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Photo Gallery: Hideaway Chair by Think & Shift design studio