Active forms of education (chat rooms, work in pairs etc.) have become more and more popular in the educational sphere recently. In order to comply with the school tendency, the designers of PearsonLloyd studio have created SixE Learn working place, which is made in a form of armchair with integrated tabletop.

SixE Learn Chair For Joint Education

The main feature of the model is its mobility. Upon the teacher`s wish students may quickly form necessary groups without taking up the chair. To do that they just need to turn round in the chair or to roll for a few meters. Apart from revolving base with revolution through 360 degrees the model is fitted out with a section for storage in the tabletop. This section may easily locate a laptop, a book, copybooks and any other student`s things. There is a plenty of free space into the lower part of the model thanks to the location of the niche into the tabletop.
The top of SixE Learn is supplemented with a deepening for a tablet and is perfect for fixation of any model in vertical or horizontal position. There are also some pleasant and important trifles – a hanger for a bag or a rucksack and a coaster for a bottle of water or cup of coffee. SixE Learn model is available in six different colors.