Anchor wall decor is a unique and special decoration which is rare to be had by many people. This kind of decoration gives a different atmosphere that emanates from one’s wall. The decoration is able to emphasize your personality and characteristic that you like the life at the sea. But sometime the people who want to put anchor wall decor is troubled after its installation. The lack of knowledge in installing a decoration will only make the aesthetic atmosphere of one’s room be gone. There are simple ways in order to ensure this will not happen to our room. Here, in this article you will know the secret.

Anchor wall decoration

Simple Ways Of Installation

First, determine the size of anchor you want to use. Adjust it with size of space in the wall. Make sure the anchor wall decor does not look too small or too big for your room. Second, you can choose the color of your anchor. Choose wisely with the help of knowing the amount of type color in your room. You can choose dark or light color depends on your room atmosphere. Choose black or brown if you have a dark type room. And you can choose light blue if you have a light color type room.

Anchor decor Decorative Anchor