Bohemian home decor might not be the first thing that comes up in your mind while thinking about home decorating. Many people prefer elegant and minimalist looks for their home. This design idea presents an extra-ordinary experience that you would get in your home.

What is Bohemian home decor?

Bohemian lifestyle is all about going back to nature and including all of the natural elements to your house. In dealing with home decoration, bohemian means keep it simple but make sure your home is stay vibrant with the using of attractive colors and exploring what nature has brought for your life to create a peaceful life in your living place.

How to start designing with Bohemian home decor?

Colors are the essential part of Bohemian. Use as much as possible colors and only focusing on rich tones like golden yellow or deep purple. To pursue the real bohemian atmosphere, you have to mix all different textures and print them all along with your mixed colors. If you think that the color that was used is just too much, then you have successfully doing that job well. Decorate the room by hanging stuffs on the ceiling with jewelries, antique chandelier, tapestries and many more. Fill the room with nature! Place a living big green plant to wrap up your bohemian home.

bohemian home decor ideas