Loft design attracts attention with its spontaneity and unexpected combination of elements. In such interior you can meet everything – from huge bookshelves to a cosmic fireplace, as it happened with the project “Industrial Loft” by Serbian ArchitecturalID Studio.

Modern interior in loft style - Dining place


Passionate supporters of the loft, they brought to life the interior, which has long been waiting in the wings. Let’s try to understand and highlight the main moments, that allowed to make an interior design so attractive.

Wide windows and lightning

They transmit maximum amount of natural light making the loft large, light and visually easy. Because the studio has a stretched shape, so one source of light was not enough, therefore, as an artificial lightning the designers suggested to use several sources: lamp, luminaries, floor lamp, backlights. So many lightning fixtures can fill with light whole space or selectively – only separate parts.

Industrial Loft Project - living room design ideas

A monochrome palette

If to estimate colour filling, here there are shades of grey, brown and white everywhere. It forms a complete neutral background which is diluted by expressive red spots – the upholstery of couches and armchairs, lacquered chair surface, internal surface of the hanging lamp, vivid expressionist paintings on the walls. Muted colours help to highlight and to focus attention on the bookshelves. Also, the vases give the unobtrusive blotches of green and pink.

Modern interior in loft style - Huge windows

Zoning and transformation

In the premise there are different zones that can be easily transformed from one to another. In spite of the fact that the space looks like one large room, here there is a kitchen, living room, bedroom and several relaxation zones.
Near the shelves there is an area which is an ideal for reading, relaxing and for working too. Here it was placed a couch, wicker chair and super-comfortable armchair that can be transformed depending on the sitting position. In the center there is a coffee table that can serve as a pouffe or a table for drinking coffee and tea. The coffee table, in front of which was put a large TV, is surrounded by a large grey sofa and armchairs. Here, you can receive guests. At night, the sofa can be transformed into a bed. Because of that, this zone can be called a living-bed room. In the dining room there is a long glass table for eight seats.

Modern interior in loft style - design ideas

The allocation space into zones helps to create several thematic areas. In front of the TV it can be sat a large group of Discovery fans, near the library – crazy alecks, poets and writers, and near the window with a telescope – representatives of the astronomers club.

Openness of hidden

For recreation of “industrial” atmosphere in the interior of the loft style they are used wooden joists and ventilation ducts, the accent is emphasized on the elements connecting different levels of the home ( spiral staircase, railings and fencing of the second level) and the surface of the walls and columns attracts us by the power of raw bricks. Everything that is carefully covered with a layer of decorative finishing in most interiors, here it is exposed on public display and is inherent characteristic of this type of housing.

Modern interior in loft style - Furniture


In some places, an exact symmetry is used. For example, a vase of flowers near the red couch and planters near TV stand in pairs at the same distance from the main subjects.

Modern interior in loft style - kitchen and dining room

Unusual items

Fireplace resembles a hanging ball that seemed to fall from the cabin of a spaceship. By itself, the telescope is a usual subject, but it is mostly found only in unusual people – researchers, dreamers and romantics.

Modern interior in loft style - place to relax

Natural materials

Floor, as well as many furniture items, is made of wood. It gives the space a natural simplicity and wholeness.


Mobile items

Most of the furniture items are very mobile. They can be arranged in different configurations and moved around the room depending on the demands and desires of the owner.

Modern interior in loft style - wicked chair

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