Bleecker Street Loft is an exclusive project, which combined historical elements with modern luxury. This loft is located in a historic building of MSI, NOHO, New York. The building was built in 1898, and now it has been reconstructed in order to renovate and save one of the most beautiful buildings of its era. The loft occupies area of 91 square meters. There are arched display windows from floor to ceiling with beautiful views of the historic part of the city. The large elegant living room includes the high stone fireplace, kitchen with a marble island and dining area. There is an abundance of the bright white color in the interior. It is also complemented with black chairs of a tulips shape in the dining area, graphic art over the fireplace and the black armchair at the desktop.
Thanks to the giant arched window the bedroom and the adjoining bathroom of Italian marble are also filled with natural light of the sun.
Floors in the rooms are made of Swedish beech. To protect the works of art, decorations and furniture from the sun, the windows are covered with a special sun protection film. The functionality, elegance and comfort – all these features are components of Bleecker Street Loft.

Bleecker Street Loft - Living room with Fireplace

Bleecker Street Loft - Living room Bleecker Street Loft - Place to relax Bleecker Street Loft - WorkplaceBleecker Street Loft - Dining place Bleecker Street Loft - Kitchen island Bleecker Street Loft - Kitchen Bleecker Street Loft - Living room and dining place Bleecker Street Loft - BedroomBleecker Street Loft - Bathroom

Photo: Rodolfo Martinez
Design: David Howell

Photo Gallery: Bleecker Street Loft