Spending time outdoors in the nature is a perfect activity. Yet, no matter how pleasant the hike is, the travelers would eventually get tired and would want to make a pit stop. How pleasant it would be to sit round the fire with a group of friends! All you need is just to have a cozy and comfortable sitting. Original arm-chair named Evrgrn was designed especially for that purpose.
Basically, this is a stylish folding-chair, which can be easily located within a small bag. This arm-chair is light in weight and is rather practical. It provides a home coziness even in the most distant places. These are not all of its advantages, as Evrgrn is a rocking-chair! It creates the best comfortable conditions for outdoors relaxation.

Evrgrn - Portable Rocking-Chair

Evrgrn - Campfire Rocking Chair Evrgrn - Campfire Rocker

Photo Gallery: Evrgrn Campfire Rocker