The growing need for light-weight and portable furniture, able to create comfortable atmosphere in each part of the house, was the reason for O-table creation. Present-day people move from one place to another rather often, even within one room. It was pretty comfortable to sit at the computer desk just a couple of minutes ago and then there appeared the need to relocate to favourite chair or to lay on the sofa. At that it is rather inconvenient to put small table at every soft furniture item. However, there is a perfect solution for such situations, which is called O-table by Ola Giertz Designstudio.

This wooden table is of light weight, has a convenient handle and can be easily carried at any place within the house. However, this isn’t the only advantage of the table. Rounded legs, round-shaped tabletop and rounded handle make it cute and suitable for any interior. Such light-coloured and well rounded furniture item would look especially elegant in minimalism-styled and Scandinavian-typed interiors.

O-Table By Ola Giertz - 1

O-Table By Ola Giertz - 2 O-Table By Ola Giertz - 3 O-Table By Ola Giertz - 4 O-Table By Ola Giertz - 5 O-Table By Ola Giertz - 6 O-Table By Ola Giertz - 7O-Table By Ola Giertz - 8

Photo Gallery: O-table by Ola Giertz