ZEB Pilot House - design ideas

© Bruce DamonteRather original house with different innovative energy-efficient systems was created by Snohetta studio together with research center ZEB in Larvik, Norway. Apart from cutting-edge technologies and innovations this project, called ZEB Pilot House, intrigues with its original appearance. Its volumetric roof of dark colour is covered by solar panels on all sides.

ZEB pilot house© Bruce Damonte

While looking at ZEB Pilot House it seems that the house consists mainly of the roof, however this is not true. Most of the building is made of brick, which stands in perfect contrast to the black roof and large windows. Some parts of brick walls are filled with carefully laid billet slices. Such decoration looks a bit unusual, but harmonious and attractive at the time.

ZEB Pilot House - design ideas© Bruce Damonte

The interior is decorated in original manner as well. The dining room, living room and kitchen create integrated space, which is easily in view. Moreover, this area is supplemented with glass walls, which could be easily removed if it is needed. Elegant and modern furniture with flowing lines is concordant with plain rural furniture items. Light walls in combination with stone and wood make the interior look warm, attractive yet bright and piquant at the time. There are inclined windows on the roof, which fill the premises with natural light. Notwithstanding its small size, the house isn`t small inside though. It surprises with the spaciousness, which is the result of effective zoning and minimum amount of furniture items. Such eye-catching modern house may become a rather popular trend in the nearest future, by virtue of its attractive design and architecture, as well as energy-efficient and cutting-edge technologies.

ZEB Pilot House - Bedroom© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - dining room© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - facade© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - glass walls© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - Hall and staircase© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - outdoor dining table© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - interior© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - staircase© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - swimming pool© Bruce Damonte ZEB Pilot House - zero emission house© Bruce Damonte © Bruce DamonteZEB Pilot House - zero energy house

Photos by Bruce Damonte

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