Specialists of Tropical Space ended construction of a brick house in the central coastal city of Danang in Vietnam in 2014. Architects called it “Termitary” due to its similarity of appearance. The “Termitary” house was built in the territory, where the climate is highly unstable: wet season can suddenly be changed by a sunny weather. Chief architect, who was inspired by innate ability of termites to build practical and reliable houses, decided to create a project of a house, in which central space shall be maximally roomy and shall include a dining room, a kitchen and a place for rest, including bedrooms. Such an arrangement suits for residing of a family of three persons to the maximum extent.
An interesting peculiarity of the interior is the main finishing material, which is identical to that of the facade of the house. Brick is present in each corner of the internal space. In central area members of a family can communicate with each other through special windows, which are positioned randomly, like in the termitary.
The house is built of baked brick, a traditional material for this region. Ceiling finishing is carried out with the help of special concrete, the floor is covered by a mosaic in dark colours. All the furniture is manufactured of utility wood, which was recovered from the disassembled framework of the old house, what made it possible to cut down expenses for objects of interior substantially.

Brick interior of the Termitary house

The Termitary House - bedroom The Termitary House - dining room The Termitary House - Exit to the patio The Termitary House - kitchen and dining room The Termitary House - piano in the living room The Termitary House - view of the facade from the street The Termitary House - walls of baked bricks The Termitary House was built in Da Nang