The reasons for such metamorphosis are quite a lot. And the thing is not only in luxury brick walls and worn authentic wooden floors, although they are good – no words. And joists! And columns! Here, they are the oldest wooden poles – not take one’s eyes off, in spite what say the specialists about fire safety. During working out the interior design these historic features of the building have been preserved maximally. It fascinates by its integrity: filled with olden times, it is extremely comfortable – even by standards of our uncertain time. Vintage items, industrial interior decorations, luxurious modern bathrooms and creaky floorboards, it has absorbed the best from all eras that it has manage to survive.

Old brick warehouse London kitchen dining room

Add to this extremely contrasting with the atmosphere a view from the window – on the famous “Cucumber” by Sir Foster, convenient floor planning (200 meters accommodates not only a kitchen-island, a dining room, a living room, plus a couple of bathrooms and the same number of bedrooms, but the cabinet for the owner too) and nearby there is a famous antique market Bermonsey, known for low prices and indestructible reputation of a place where stolen things are sold.

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