In spite of the abundance of new design trends, classic models of furniture don’t lose its actuality and are especially appreciated by the lovers of antiquity.
In the age of technology and high speeds there is a lack of warmth and slowness of the past years, therefore, we look with tenderness through old photos and watch good black and white movies. Meanwhile, a peaceful atmosphere of the past can be recreated in the interior of your own house.

Commode Chamonix Antique White
Interior Design Ideas by Flamant – Commode Chamonix Antique White

Like good wines, which become only better with years, qualitative furniture gets with years more noble look. However, to furnish the house with retro furniture is quite difficult. It can take years to find suitable interior design. Also, it may take time for its restoration. The real salvation can be a designer furniture, which form reminds models from the past. In addition, it is more functional and convenient to use for a modern human than antique.
A Belgian company “Flamant Home Interiors” is widely known around the world by the creation of such furniture.

Interior Design Ideas by Flamant – Commode Patty
Interior Design Ideas by Flamant – Commode Patty

For creation of the furniture, the decorators of Flamant are inspired by vintage interior items, created by the craftsmen of the past centuries. The Flamant Furniture is made manually by the masters from an array of precious wood – oak, ash, pine. A unique pattern and texture of the wood makes each piece of furniture unique. An artificially aged surface of some furniture items creates a feeling that they are passed several generations by inheritance from family to family.

Interior Design Ideas by Flamant - Library Balmore Oak
Interior Design Ideas by Flamant – Library Balmore Oak