This project is performed by Renee Arns Studio in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Apartament loft with an area of 87 square meters belongs to the young owner of the antique shop “Craft industrie” and is located directly above it. Industrial building, built in 1922, was subjected twice to bomb attacks during World War II. Restored and adapted for housing, it is performed with spacious lofts with open floor plan and large windows.


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The owner of this loft fell in love with the high ceilings and industrial character of the premise with its concrete floors. It took only two weeks for renovation; moreover the final result is far from the end, because in future they are planning some additions.

Loft-in-Eindhoven-image-3© Renee Arns © Renee Arms

Nevertheless, the owner has already been fully satisfied with the space that has preserved its original character. He likes the lack of bright colours and a combination of white, black and grey looks nice on the background of natural wood elements. The chaotic character of the interior design of this loft is fully corresponded to the owner’s way of life, at the same time it excites and plunging into the atmosphere of calm in his own home.

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