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The project called Nevern Square Apartment is created in the building, constructed at the end of XIX century. Its main purpose was the transformation of 69 sq. meters into a cozy and fully equipped apartment. This new space in London was designed by architects of Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop company for a young family. The main design idea is focused on modern rethinking of Edwardian era`s style. The apartment`s planning is grounded on the intersection of two opposite L-shape structures, one of which is light, whereas the other is full of black color. The first structure is 3.8 meters high, whereas the dark zone (which encompasses a kitchen, a bar, a storage zone and a TV set) towers for 2.25 meters. The intersection between these two forms makes this project truly unique: wide internal openings add visual depth and integrity to the premises. The volume looks like additional large window inside the house; it allows enjoying the natural daylight during the whole day.

Photos courtesy of Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop