Peru architects had done a lot of work while creating the project of this house. Thanks to exceptional layout, each room provides the seascape. The unusual design made the house popular within a short time and helped it to won a lot of prestigious architectural awards.
This beautiful Peru house is definitely worth noticing. Just imagine how good your vacation may be being spent in such a place! You can organize several parties or enjoy the silence and ocean. This place is really wonderful. The house was designed by Vertice Architects.
The windows of this house provide you with 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean in the south, as well as panoramic view of the beach in the east and north. One of the main aims of this project creation was to create the maximum oceans view possible, especially out of the hosts` bedroom, and to make the best use of the land plot area.

Panoramic Ocean View House - 75 miles outside of Lima

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Photo Gallery: Panoramic Ocean-View Beach House