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This apartment of 45 sq. meters is located under the roof of a three-story house at the residential district in Barcelona (Spain) and had been vacant for several years before the architect Oriol Garcia has vitalized this space by removing walls, which impede light dissemination, and by uncovering the roof`s construction.

All internal partitions, which blocked the light, have been removed, whereas all stationary elements, such as kitchen block, a bathroom and a toilet, have been located across the apartment`s perimeter. Thus, the space is divided with only light bookcases and white curtains and contains two zones: a bedroom with a bathroom and a living room, conjoined with the kitchen.

One apartment`s side had been occupied with a semi-recessed balcony. After removal of the wall between it and the living room, the balcony has become the main source of a natural light for the whole apartment. This space is marked with a small sidestep and floor level descent. Terracotta and ornamental tiles of the other zone had remained from the previous owner. The architect decided to restore the tiles in order to keep the spirit of an old house. He has also removed the T-bar ceiling, which concealed wooden beams supporting the roof; as a result, a meter of free additional heights appeared. The wall separating the bathroom and bedroom is also absent here. The shower and toilet have been placed into the niche behind the glass partition.

As a result, the designer created agile, dynamically changed space without light barriers, allowing sunrays to freely enter the whole apartment.

Photos by Aitor Estevez