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Casa M is a family residence in Riscone, a small resort town at Northern Italy. This two-story house of concrete and wood was created by Comfort Architecten company as a unified compact cube, covered with homogeneous façade’s and roof`s facing and larch-tree plank.

The opened staircase is leading to the main entrance, located on the first floor. A living room is conjoined with a dining room and kitchen; along with a bathroom all those rooms have found their place on the first level. A big terrace adjoins the living room and brings in comfort and coziness. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. The given construction has a second entrance located in its northern side. This entrance leads to a studio apartment, located at semi-basement level, containing several service premises as well.

The interior`s feature is based on contrast of textures. Thus, plaster, covering the walls and ceiling of the first floor and being made under certain technology, highlights loadbearing structure of larch and concrete, whereas the floor, doors and furniture are produced of oak.

Photos by Gustav Willeit