Sinatra armchair, constructed by Italian manufacturer Galimberti Nino, is perfect furniture for rest and meditation. The author of this soft masterpiece is the designer Joe Gentile. This armchair is decorated with high backrest as well as ornamental capitonnee stitch and low-slung scrolls-shaped arm pads. The ends of the front feet are incurved whereas the back ones are straight. This model is designed in classic style. The base material of the armchair is made of wood while the finish is of beechwood. Wooden upsides are covered with transparent liquid wax based on palm wax, bees-wax, resin and agricultural oils. It is possible to make fabric or leather upholstery including the materials, received from clients.

Sinatra Armchair - perfect furniture for rest and meditation

Sinatra Armchair - This model is designed in classic style Sinatra Armchair from Galimberti Nino

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