Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty are the founders of French Studio KO bureau and boggle the imagination with geography of their projects. They are partners in both life and work, like to travel a lot and dislike overstaying at the same place for a long time.

After visiting Gabon and Los Angeles and having finished projects in Morocco and Corsica, the designers have finally returned to Paris and decorated a harsh loft for a young and successful businessman in Marais bourgeois quarter.

Duplex apartment, located at rue Vieille du Temple, was performed in the best masculine way possible and is  intended for currently unmarried owner, who is fond of travelling. The masculine atmosphere was mainly achieved by dark-colour tinctures, chosen to decorate the lower floor, as well as by the austere decor and masculine-oriented materials.

Sultry parisian loft

The designers prefer to work in chic minimalism style and were not incommoded by the loft’s square, as it is rather big and spacious and is located on two stores of one of the oldest residences of the famous neighborhood. The Parisian aristocracy of talent has occupied it around 40 years ago.

The wooden stairway is the true symbol of this loft. It conjoins the stores and has banisters welded of carbonized metal.

There are a plenty of windows at this apartment, one of which is located even at the wardrobe room. Therefore the loft, especially its second floor, is rather light despite the dark walls.

In order to add some unique features to the interior, the designers of Studio KO implemented another favorite method.  Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty had bought vintage decor elements with own history at the jumble sale and mixed them boldly with the furniture of reputed designers and their own inventions.

Classic Loft in Paris - furniture 2 Classic Loft in Paris - furniture 3 Classic Loft in Paris - furniture Classic Loft in Paris - Living room Classic Loft in Paris - table Classic Loft in Paris Sultry parisian loft - Bathroom 2 Sultry parisian loft - Bathroom 3 Sultry parisian loft - Bathroom Sultry parisian loft - Bedroom Sultry parisian loft - Dining place Sultry parisian loft - Kitchen Sultry parisian loft - Living room Sultry parisian loft - masculine oriented materials

Photo: Yann Deret

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