Decorative Concrete is widely used in the integral on the building itself, such as floors, walls, or porch. Techniques and technology in the manufacture of decorative concrete are developed enough. Those are stamped concrete, acid staining, decorative layer or cover, carving concrete and so forth.

Definition Of Each Decorative Concrete

Each of these techniques and functions of the concrete has each meaning. Stamped concrete is process of adding the texture and color to concrete to make it resemble stone, brick, and many others. This concrete can sometimes be made with a texture that resembles a natural material, such as wood, fossils, or shells. Decorative concrete these models usually applied to the area that is not too broad.

Furthermore, concrete dyes typically combine many shapes, designs, texture and composition that at once applied in an area. This concrete sufficiently flexible to be placed anywhere, both in residential areas and commercial areas, including used on retaining walls or silencers, bridge, and the floor.

Next is acid staining. It has natural process through a chemical reaction. Chemical reaction with the minerals that contained in the concrete will create a new color tone. This natural color is difficult to get by applying a regular paint. Choose your best concrete model to apply in your building.