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The Sandy Rendel Architects project bureau has presented a private house in Great Britain, constructed on the territory of South Downs National Park. Theresidence occupies 257 sq. meters and is located right on the river bank, on the place of an abandoned workshop. The house takes up a notable space, right on the vehicular entrance to the city, therefore local authorities insisted on creation of a brand new attraction, which would become a bright orienting point. This stipulated daring design of the construction, outstanding on the background of the neighboring buildings.

The house`s finishing is performed of corten steel, staying in contrast with white cliffs behind. It`s fundament is made of concrete and forms a river shore. The first floor of the house has panoramic glazing and asymmetric roof ends the construction`s image with simple planning. There are five bedrooms with bathrooms on the second floor, as well as an opened living zone on the first floor, which also locates cabinets, a covered terrace and a small inner yard. The house`s space is optimized for various changes upon the family`s wish. The interior`s finishing has plain palette with domination of oak wood material. Therefore, this modern and sustainable house is a perfect solution for the young family; it decorates the city and has already become a part of it`s architectural heritage.

Photos by Richard Chivers