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Neither the small apartment’s space, nor the limited budget frightened Mortis Design’s professionals. As a result, an interesting project was created, which organically combines the provence, industrial and scandinavian styles.The apartment`s hostess travels a lot and adores the French country style and wanded the interior to be elegant and contain features of Provence. Hovewer, the designers considered the pure provence style to be too artificial in terms of the small area. That is why they added industrial emphases and elements of scandinavian style. Fortunately, the customer was opened to experiments and supported designers’ ideas.

This apartment was built in 1970 and initially was cramped and non-functional. Therefore a wide passage was created in the wall between the kitchen and living room. A sliding door to the bathroom is another element, applied to enlarge the space a bit. As a result, a free space for a social zone appeared which united the kitchen, the living room and dining room.

The kitchen is full of features of undustrial style: the concrete wall, plenty of metal surfaces and minimum of details. The enlarged passage between the kitchen and the living room is decorated in rather unusual way: it has a metal edging strip. This is a kind of linking element, which brings together styles of the two zones. Scandinavian style was recreated with the use of light floor and furniture, as well as calm grey palette. In turn, the elements of provence style are: free lines of vintage furniture, which was purchased at the Internet auctions and accurately renovated.

The bedroom is rather romantic. The eye-catching blue wall behind the bedside and the portrait of Brigitte Bardot is diluted by light-grey tones, the basis of the colour palette.

The walls of the bathroom are covered with plaster imitating concrete, whereas the pipes are painted and placed out in the open, as an industrial style element.

Photos by Monika Lewandowska