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Engineforce Architect bureau has created a unique design of a country house in South Korea. The house belongs to a family of three. Each member wanted to have isolated space for creative work and relaxation. This family had lived in multi-story building for 30 years but eventually decided to move to suburb because of noise and anxiety. Therefore, private atmosphere and low cost became the main priority during building. An owner, who is a designer, studied diverse house plans and chose the concept of “passive house”. This concept bases on thermal isolation, usage of only natural energy sources, considered building geometry and low power consumption.
The house, with the area of 121 sq. meters, is situated in the southeastern slope of a hill and consists of three buildings. These buildings have different roof shapes and locate with different angles to each other. Basic building construction is made of reinforced concrete; exterior walls are plastered and painted with white color. Well-planned space, modern laconic interior, natural materials and bright tones create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

Photos by Efrain Mendez & Kim Yong Kwan