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Architects of the A-cero studio have implemented the project of a modern residence called S.V. House in Seville, Spain. This beautiful villa of around 800 sq. meters is built on the south of the country and developed for enjoyment of weather, nature and life. The strong geometry with sharp outlines symbolizes majesty and influence. The main materials used for the façade finishing are marble and smoked glass. Not only they are durable, but contrast and stylish as well.

A swimming pool and a garden have unusual shapes as well and look amazing. Apart from beautiful plants there is a pond in the garden. The majority of furniture was designed by A-cero architects especially for this project. The villa contains three stories. The basement level is occupied by a storage room, laundry room, technical areas and a garage. The first floor is divided in two parts; one of it contains daily spaces with a hall, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, whereas the other allocates a sleeping area with three rooms, conjoined with bathrooms and wardrobes. There is also a home cinema on this level. All rooms here have entrance to the garden. The second level allocates two more bedrooms with own bathrooms, as well as the second living room.

Photos by Victor Sajara