© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-2© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-3© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-4© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-5© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-6© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-7© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-8© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-9© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-10© Aviad Bar-Ness the-manhattan-apartment-11© Aviad Bar-NessArchitects from the New York-based Ghiora Aharoni Design Studio have decorated this Manhattan-located apartment with bent oak panels and silver leaves. The residence is located at the old art-deco building and belongs to a Beverly Hills resident, who wished his modern Chelsea house look like a piece of art. In order to visually enlarge this studio apartment the architects had to remove the walls and thus opened a space, where custom-made furniture items are basically separation elements.

The floor and the lower part of the walls are covered with oak panels, whereas upper part is decorated with silver leaves. Sharp angles are absent here and all lighting is hidden. The central block allocates storage system and electric fireplace, which together separate the rest zone and dining room from the bedroom. There is a bathroom with twinkling tiles hidden behind the matted glass door.

Photos by Aviad Bar-Ness