Are you a wild fan & passionate proponent of the so-called Scandinavian style, which is dominated by minimalism & order, neutral colors & monochrome mood? Welcome to draw inspiration from the workplaces that are custom made for creativity & imagination, but never distraction from the main – your productive work!

It’s All about Details
No matter wherever your Scandinavian workplace is – either at home or in the office – you can easily arrange your work desk or table in a similar style, complementing it by original little things and small details that help to create.

Elegant home office Scandinavian style

Everyday Inspiration
Do not miss the opportunity to surround yourself with what inspires and encourages you! Collect some scissoring from the magazines, print your favorite pictures from the Internet, hang motivational photos, cards, posters on the walls. Update your mood board, every day. In fact, you can fix the images you like best directly on the wall by: 1. using pins or a Scotch tape, 2. framing them in a laconic manner or 3. even framing the entire board to a beautiful baguette.

Functionality as an Underlying Motive
If you enjoy a monochrome palette and are not afraid of black color in the interior, keep your eye out for some blackboard paint. With the help of it, you can create the amazing basis for records and images and make your work/home computer desks more functional and original. For example, why not decorate a cool diary on the wall to not only note but keep all your problems and desires before your eyes?

Territory of Minimalism
Be sure to take care of both functionality and usability: add a few shelves, boxes for books and papers, lighting devices. Minimalism is great, of course; but first and foremost, it means a perfect order, that said ergonomics within the office/home workplace.

Half the Battle
Choosing the favorite direction that you want to follow, don’t give in to a moment of weakness – something like a notebook with a Winnie-the-Pooh! Then, you will definitely regret looking at such spontaneous purchase. The stylish interior means the overall selectivity in everything – from the walls to color pencils.