Modern life is impossible without computing, no matter how far-reaching it is. We have to spend a lot of time sitting at the computers both at work and at home – and this results in rather negative consequences. Get armed with useful information & minimize the below listed after-effects of sitting at a computer for hours & hours, if being ‘a dynamic duo’ with your own PC!

side effects of sitting too long on computer

Firstly, excess computing can greatly affect your figure. Despite the virtually relaxed state, a human body keeps too stressful, especially in the cervical region.
Secondly, excess computing can greatly affect your shoulders, arms and spine that are under heavy load. Thus, children may develop scoliosis, while adults suffer from osteochondrosis. The heat compress formed between your body and a chair seat, favors the pelvic stagnation, development of prostatitis and even hemorrhoids that require further serious treatment.
Thirdly, excess computing can greatly affect your weight. That said, you and excess kilos are best friends forever, since you’ve been spending hours and hours at a computer.
Fourthly, excess computing can greatly affect your vision. Despite the fact that modern monitors can boast less electromagnetic radiation compared to their predecessors, the eyes become more and more tense. Constant blinking and flashing of display texts and images, as well as poor color quality, irrational arrangement of screen windows, and the wrong position sitting at a computer tend to be the worst enemies of your healthy vision.
Fifthly, excess computing can greatly affect your joints, especially those of hands, which is rather common among those who enjoy a prolonged work at their computers. Various joint diseases can develop into chronic, as the nerve endings, located in the fingertips, experience non-stop stress load while using the keyboard. It all starts with some numbness, weakness, tingling sensation.
Finally, excess computing can greatly affect you either physically or morally. Keep in mind that psychological traumas are no less dangerous: e.g. unexpected loss of information due to technical problems or exposure to viruses becomes a cause of not only stress but even a heart attack! In these terms, it is strongly advisable to create backups.
In a word, quit leading sedentary lifestyles at your PCs, couch potatoes! All you need is to minimize all possible unpleasant consequences listed above.