The health of person who works with a computer is greatly influenced by numerous factors. One of them is a desk height. Incorrect height of any item may turn into a cause of serious spine diseases as well as sight weakening. What is more, a person, who sits at the computer desk and feels some kind of discomfort, wastes much more energy. Therefore, he or she will be got tired faster in a considerable way. So, a desk with wrong matched height may become a real trouble for its owner. Thus, let’s get known more about desk choosing matter.

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How to Sit at the Desk Correctly?

Why is the desk height so significant for people health? Why don’t we mention depth and length? The fact of the matter is that the desk height is capable to change the position of sitting person. Therefore, too low desk will make you stoop and bend forward. At the same time, too high desk will force you crane your neck. So, in any way, you will surely feel a definite discomfort.

The optimal position of sitting at the “right” computer desk consists in straight back and forearms freely lying on the table top. At the same time, the table top should stand at celiac plexus level. Besides, when sitting on the chair, person’s feet must be on the floor bent at an angle of 90 degrees.

Such position is the best for health. But how it may be achieved? Are there any standards or formulae? Frankly speaking, I have my own opinion on this. However, it will be stated below. At first, I want to offer officially accepted standards of desk height computation.

How to Compute the Height of Computer Desk?

At the beginning, it should be admitted that there exists a standard of computer desk height which is equal to 750 mm. But, where does all this come from? How is it computed? Indeed, everything is very simple. The fact of the matter is that the medium height of men in our country is 175 cm. Women’s height comprises 162 cm. So, taking into consideration such statistical parameters, the standard height of the desk is computed.

In case when your height is lower or higher, you are possible to compute the height of computer desk individually, in accordance with the following formula:

Your height*75 cm/175cm=Height of computer desk

For example, your height is 182cm. In such case, the height of computer desk will be calculated in the following way:


However, it happens very often that a particular computer desk is a working place for several people. And, frequently, they are of different height. So, ordering a definite desk due to your height you would also take into account the comfort of your close people such as wife and, of course, mother-in-law.

Such factor as mother-in-law is really considerable one because she may be hardly persuaded to work at the desk without comfort. What is more, this task may be just impracticable for you. So, the only way out of the situation will consist in buying the desk with standard height. Thus, do not waste your time on desk height computing.

Looking through the title, you had to suspect that I recommend computer desks with standard height (750 mm). Therefore, all variants of computer desks on our website feature only standard height. Everything is explained below.

For example, if your height is 182 cm, the height of computer desk will be 78 cm (the difference embraces 3 cm, considering general standards). Such height difference isn’t so considerable. Therefore, the acceptable height range of desk owner will comprise from 168 cm to 182 cm. It means that people of such height will feel comfortable sitting at the ergonomic computer desk with standard height.

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How to Solve Nonstandard Situations?

But what will you do if you are too tall or short? There aren’t many people of large and small stature. So, should they suffer during a whole life, sitting at inconvenient desks? Surely, no! Any situation has its own ways and means of solution. And problem connected with computer desk height has three variants at least:

You are possible to make yourself comfortable at the computer desk while changing the height of the chair. It will be easy because modern office chairs provide an opportunity to adjust their height. However, this variant will be great only for people whose height is lower than 168 cm. Besides, when raising the chair higher person’s knees won’t be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Therefore, you will be required to adjudge some kind of support for feet.
The second variant of problem solving will consist in buying of custom-made computer desk. Such alternative will be great either for people of large or small stature. So, knowing the formula for calculation of computer desk height, you will easily find out right parameters. Therefore, there will be nothing for you but to make an order.
And, finally, you will be available to buy an adjustable height desk, which is mainly assigned for children. Such kind of desk is a correct and well considered decision because the child height is changing all the time. Therefore, adjustable height desks will be perfect for all family members. One more important nuance includes an adjustment of table top. However, this method cannot be called as perfectone.
Thus, we have envisaged all practical nuances of computer desk selection. I hope it will help you make the right decision as to the best computer desk. So, everything’s in your hands. Just choose one of represented variants and become a possessor of the greatest computer desk. I wish you good luck!