Israel-based Cozi studio has created a light fixture of bent wood by uniting traditional handwork craft and modern technologies.
Yuval Carmel and Ofir Zandani are the founders of Cozi studio and are both industrial designers. They combine academic knowledge of traditional craft with modern technologies and production methods. The result of their creative work is items with unique properties, shape and structure.
Bloom light fixture imitates the shape of a breaking flower bud. Petals of the flower surround the pith, which provides a soft golden luminescence and creates cozy atmosphere. Flowing lines of bent wood are highlighted by the foundation of gunmetal. Outstanding appearance of Bloom lighting, as well as the technology of its creation fascinate at first view.
The thinnest veneer sheets are layered one upon another and fixed with the help of special glue. Ready-made veneer sheets are then placed in a unique press in order to form a silhouette for the future model. The main production feature is the form for the press. It is made by milling machines with computerized management console.

BLOOM Lamp by Cozi Studio 2

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