Canadian architect L. McComber has created and implemented the project of reconstruction of city house, built in 1880-s. There used to be an attic on the top floor, now it is modified into the living space with a library, bedroom and artist’s studio. The interior is performed completely in white tones with small supplement of wooden elements.

Juliette aux combles - bedroom

Nowadays it is quite unusual to decorate premises in white colour, smoothed with only one tincture. Juliette Aux Combles apartments are designed in that very manner, and their creators were aimed at creation of the exceptional interior. Although, designers use white as the main colour at the interior design rather often, yet only few of studious are as daring as L. McComber Architects. Its professionals used solely white color for the interior decoration, having shaded its excessive coldness with wood of warm tincture. There are few colours of other tinctures here and they simply sink in this endless whiteness.

Juliette aux combles - bathroom

Such unusual approach allowed not only to create outstanding and bright interior, but helped to fill the area with new colours. Every corner of the premises is accentuated by elegance and minimalism. In order to highlight wooden furniture items wooden floors of warm tincture were in places painted in white. Simple wooden swing, located at the home office, looks rather attractive. Breathtaking simplicity is seen in every item here. The bathrooms are the most contrasting rooms in virtue of tiles and mosaics finishing. One bathroom even overlooks the balcony and this is another outstanding feature of these premises.

Juliette aux combles - bedroom 2 Juliette aux combles - bedroom and bathroom Juliette aux combles - facade Juliette aux combles - living room Juliette aux combles - second floor Juliette aux combles - workplace

Architect: L. McComber lt?e
Team: Louis Laperri?re, Laurent McComber
Construction: M.A. construction
Photography by Steve Montpetit

Photo Gallery: Juliette Aux Combles – beautiful white luxury