Such a familiar piece of furniture like a table can be an interesting art object. When the artist Michael Beitz made such a conclusion, he decided to create a whole range of incredible tables, which can hardly be used for its original purpose because of their shapes.
This specific approach has a profound meaning. The author in his artworks tries to reveal such issues as human relationships and our interaction with daily-routine objects. Beitz’ tables are made curved on purpose to make sitting at them people feel themselves uncomfortable and lonely.
The “sculpture” called “Not Now” perfectly illustrates designer’s idea: it is a knotted 5.5-meter-long table that “separates” people sitting at it and does not allow them to communicate normally.
However, you can easily forget about the philosophical sense of Beitz’ wooden sculptures and just simply enjoy the strange whorls and weavings of desk forms.

Michael Beitz - Not Now conference table

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