The Italian designer called Mauro Del Santo has introduced his developing, namely the lamp and dressing screen, which are in limited edition and intended directly for the Rome Maker Faire exhibition.  Mauro Del Santo has been developing the furniture of innovation materials with the use of cutting-edge technologies for around ten years. UnSolid became the result of its research, based on mathematic calculations and innovation technologies, connected with the use of wood as the material for creation of interior items and furniture design.

The base of UnSolid lamp is the mathematic equation. UnSolid dressing screen is a sample of new designer`s technique as well. Mauro Del Santo plans to enlarge the UnSolid collection by creating the partitions, walls, ceilings, chairs and tables using the same technique.  This project involved the designers Valerio Isacchini and Giulia Cavallini, as well as the mathematician and web-developer Alessandro Evangelista.

Photos by Antonio Cama