Ordinary wall-mounted shelves, which seem rather conventional and practical, are gradually receding into the past, giving place to fancy modern items. Designers tirelessly invent new things which are even more practical and original. For instance, Italian designer Ilario Branca has created an interesting wall-mounted panel called Manolo, which may become a perfect substitute of olden shelves and may be able to superinduce some special modern flavour to the interior. Construction of Manolo panels is rather similar to the one of LEGO`s plates. Their working principle is very similar as well, as Manolo has the form of rectangular or square plate with wooden knobs, which are intended for  anchoring of different items. It is possible to put a hanger with clothes and keys on such bulges or to anchor shelves of different sizes there.

Manolo furniture - Interior design ideas

Manolo panel is introduced in yellow, green, brown and white colours. Every square panel is supplemented with a special hanger, a long shelve and a short one. At the same time rectangular plate is packed with one hanger and three small shelves. Such a set provides the possibility to create own perfect wall-mounted complex.

Manolo furniture - Green Manolo furniture - Original design Manolo furniture - White Manolo furniture -Yellow

Photo Gallery: Manolo – Unusual furniture by Ilario Branca