French baguettes, soft croissants or crispy rolls, that doesn’t contain any calories, and only kilowatts… Yes, we are talking about new Pampshade lamps, reminding fresh bakery products. The chief “cook” is a Japanese designer Yukiko Morita.
The fact is that the young designer, being a teenager far back in 2006, earned additionally in a bakery, and fresh, crispy bread so impressed and inspired her that she decided to perpetuate its image in new lighting fixtures.
Having got an art education, Yukiko Morita began developing prototypes of bread lamps for the interior. And at the end of 2014 freshly baked new series of lighting fixtures Pampshade was presented at the Design week in Tokyo.
Actually, the design of lighting fixtures is very realistic and a toasted form of the crispy crust causes a reasonable desire to break off or bite a piece of baguette or croissant. The lamps are made from real bread, but covered with layers of resin. The recipe of lamps is simple: bread flour, salt, yeast, LEDs, batteries, and some secret ingredients, which the designer concealed.
The smell of freshly baked bread is one of the most pleasant for a human. I think that the appearance of bread causes the same pleasant feelings. Therefore, in the bedroom or in the hotel, in the kitchen or in the office these delicious and cozy Pampshade lighting fixtures will please the eye and evoke warm feelings.

Pampshade from Yukiko Morita - lamps are made from real bread

Pampshade from Yukiko Morita - baguette 2 Pampshade from Yukiko Morita - baguette Pampshade from Yukiko Morita - croissants Pampshade from Yukiko Morita - fresh, crispy bread  and LED Pampshade from Yukiko Morita - Pampshade lamps, reminding fresh bakery products Pampshade from Yukiko Morita

Photo Gallery: Lampshade from Yukiko Morita