This house is located near Minsk and designed by a young Belorussian architect Igor Petrenko. The building occupies 497 sq. meters, is completely free of excessive décor and is made of natural materials, such as wood, concrete and glass. The architect has called his style the “functional minimalism”.


© Kate Brichkovskaya

The construction is basically an impressive monolithic glass cube, bounded by massive wood surfaces from all the sides. The wood material is saturated with special ingredient, protecting the surface from ultraviolet and allowing its natural ageing.

house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-5© Kate Brichkovskaya

There is a parking and entrance to the house at western part of the land plot near the road. The first floor accommodates a garage, a hall, a storage room, a boiler station and an exit from the sauna leading to the opened terrace with a swimming pool. Two bedrooms, a living room and conjoined kitchen-dining room have found their place on the second level. There is an exit to the opened terrace with a swimming pool and barbeque place at the western part of the house. A larch wood was used as the main material for the terrace`s coverage. At the same time, the sculptural construction, which combines both barbeque and table functionality, is produced of stainless steel with teakwood insertions. The third floor is occupied by two bedrooms and opened library overlooking the living room. One more terrace providing marvelous panoramic view of the surrounding landscape is located at the very top of the construction, above the third level.

house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-2© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-3© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-4© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-6© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-7© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-8© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-9© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-10© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-11© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-12© Kate Brichkovskaya house-a-the-functional-minimalism-by-igor-petrenko-13© Kate Brichkovskaya

Photos by Kate Brichkovskaya