This unremarkable at first sight house in minimalistic style is build in compliance with the highest ecological standards. But the most interesting is that it is made of the true maritime containers.
Architects of the Danish Bureau Arcgency designed a dwelling house WFH House; three maritime containers form the basis of this house. Building technology is so much easy and effective, that its construction takes little time. The house meets the highest ecological building standards. The facade of the building is lined with the panels of durable bamboo, and natural wood painted with waterborne paint was chosen for internal walls finishing. In addition the house has the system of rainwater-harvesting system and solar batteries installed, the roof is covered with natural green lawn.
Module house can be ordered in Internet, it shall be delivered to any country.
The construction can be adapted to various climate conditions. Only warmth-keeping and lining materials vary. Architects affirm that this house can stand even a massive earthquake.