An ornamental sofa, which is associable with a creasy mattress, was recently created by designer Ron Arad for Moroso brand. The designer was stumbled upon the idea of Matrizia sofa creation during a walk through New York. He saw the ejected mattresses at one of the city’s streets and leaned them against the wall. However, the mattresses sagged under own weight and became concertinaed.

According to Ron Arad, the project as to Matrizia sofa creation was one of the most rapidly developing ideas at his career. The author reckons that the model represents an ideal balance between the designer’s talent and craftsman skills.

The sofa`s name is the combination of two words, namely: “mattress” and  “Patrizia” (in honor of Patrizia Moroso, the outstanding creative director of the company).

Apart from unusual form of the sofa, its upholstery is rather unique too, as it looks like the protecting cover of a mattress.