If you turn attention to the sitting postures which people prefer most, and compare them with chairs, you would be quite surprised to discover a big difference between them. This was noticed by Shmuel Bazak, the student of Bezalel, Israel-based Academy of Arts and Design.
The designer has analyzed one of the most favorite individual`s postures at sitting. It turned out to be that many people prefer sitting at the very edge of a chair with stretched legs. If you will look at the furniture, created for sitting, you would notice that it`s poorly adapted for such way of use. Various chairs frequently make us posturize unnaturally and this leads to both leg and back pain.
Shmuel Bazak`s studies of different characteristics of a human body have resulted in creation of a chair, allowing to posturize in a more relaxed way.
However, this chair looks like quite strange. Its bottom has narrowed twofold, whereas the back has been moved back.

Chair from Shmuel Bazak - back view

Chair from Shmuel Bazak - dimensions Chair from Shmuel Bazak - natural form Chair from Shmuel Bazak - thin and elegant design Chair from Shmuel Bazak - thin design Chair from Shmuel Bazak The Most Comfortable Chair - minimal design The Most Comfortable Chair

Photo Gallery: The Most Comfortable Chair from Muli Bazak