A kitchen island in the house gives you a lot of advantages, especially if you have an open kitchen-dining room combined with the living room. A kitchen island is the best choice for maximum convenience. Is the perfect place to balance congregation and separation. Today we have collected 8 design projects, each of which is more interesting than the previous one. We believe that by choosing a variety of examples, we’ll give you the key to development of your own beautiful project. Kitchen island is a modern solution that creates, if you wish, for example a free access to the stove from all sides. In addition, it allows two or three people to cook at the same time. Kitchen island may also be used to serve food, as a table or as a bar counter. Approach the issue in an intelligent way, and the island will be not only functional, but also aesthetic, and will improve the appearance of all the kitchen! Below are photos of kitchen combined with living room.


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Photo Gallery: Kitchen Island – Modern ideas