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An essence of the apartment interior design is individual for each person. Interior design can be described as individual set of ideas about the comfort and convenience. Thanks to the high quality and elaborate design, it is possible to create a masterpiece from a common apartment. Interior design shouldn’t be limited by design of walls, ceilings and arrangement of furniture. It’s important to consider each element of decor from the wall paintings to decorative vases. We have compiled for you a big collection of photos with examples of apartment design, which will inspire you to create your own unique style.

Renovation of The Historical Apartment in Valencia

Rubio and Ros is the architectural bureau, which designed the project of a studio reconstruction.

The Alpine Residence in Italy

Camillo Botticini is the architect bureau which implemented a project of the Alpine residence in Italy.

DO Apartments in Vilnius

The YCL architect bureau has decorated a mansarded space at the center of Vilnius (Lithuania).

Ap Cobogó: The Apartments in Sao Paulo

A famous architect Alan Chu has recently presented the new project of an apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Rabbit Snare Gorge: The Wonderful House for Wildlife Enthusiasts in Canada

The Rabbit Snare Gorge house, constructed by Omar Gandhi Architect and Design Base 8 bureaus in Canada, is located off-road in the forests, far across the city noise.

The Two-Level Apartments in A Suburb of Sydney

Josephine Hurley Architecture studio was in charge of decorating apartments in a suburb of Sydney (Australia). The residence of 300 sq. meters has found its place in the former warehouse, which is a part of the historical heritage.

Tsai: The Rental Suite for A Young Couple

This residence is decorated by Tai & Architectural Design and located in Taipei (Taiwan). Nowadays, the prices for real property are very high in big cities. This makes purchasing of a house impossible for a young couple.

The House for A Young Family in Italy

The Menichetti+Caldarelli bureau has introduced the project of a private residence in Italy. This house is located on the hills overlooking Gubbio municipality and is surrounded by forest.

Modern House Instead Of The Old Farm In Vilnius

The Arches studio has constructed a house of 415 sq. meters on the place of the old farmhouse in the surroundings of Vilnius (Lithuania). This project has united traditional architectural approaches and local construction traditions.

Nevern Square Apartment: The Residence in London

The project called Nevern Square Apartment is created in the building, constructed at the end of XIX century. Its main purpose was the transformation of 69 sq. meters into a cozy and fully equipped apartment.

Casa Bahia: The Villa Of A Movie Director In Miami

Creation of an architecture project was like a movie creation for Alejandro Landes, the Columbian movie director, who didn`t have the architectural education and wished to create a house for himself.

Tree Top Residence: The Manor in Los Angeles

The Tree Top Residence project was accomplished by Belzberg Architects studio in Los Angeles, the USA. This modern manor is constructed on the complicated landlot with rugged topography and plenty of greenery.

The Light Apartment in Lisbon

Representatives of the Arkstudio bureau have decorated the apartment`s interior in Lisbon (Portugal). This residence is intended for temporary living.

The Transformer Apartment in Italy

Architects of PLANAIR® studio have introduced the project of transformer apartment in Milan (Italy). It is located at Brera historical district, famous for high prices for real property.

Fitzroy: The Loft in A Former Chocolate Factory

Fitzroy is the result of old building`s reconstruction, used to allocate a chocolate factory inside. The accommodation is located in Melbourne, Australia and is put in life by Architects EAT studio.

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