Reconstruction of The Apartment at A Residential District in Barcelona

This apartment of 45 sq. meters is located under the roof of a three-story house at the residential district in Barcelona (Spain)

Casa M: The Mountain House, Northern Italy

Casa M is a family residence in Riscone, a small resort town at Northern Italy

Modern House in South Africa Upon the Studiovision Architecture`s Project

This modern house in Knysna, South Africa, was developed and constructed in 2015 upon the project of Studiovision Architecture.

«Austin Cabin» House in Texas Upon the Project of Walton Architecture

We would like to introduce the design of a wooden house, which may also be described with the words «majesty», «vigour», «brutalism» and «coziness».

Small Apartment`s Reconstruction In Portugal

This apartment was constructed at the 80-s, has been in active use for more than thirty years and looks dark and unfriendly at the first glance.

Manshausen: The Eco-Hotel In Norway

Manshausen is a stand-alone world, a small island surrounded by picturesque nature of Norway.

The House On The Open Area And Mountains Nearby

Abramson Teiger Architects Studio has projected a house in Wyoming (the USA).

The Manhattan Apartment

Architects from the New York-based Ghiora Aharoni Design Studio have decorated this Manhattan-located apartment with bent oak panels and silver leaves.

The Bright and Cheerful Apartment`s Interior, London

These London apartments designed by Nimtim Architects company belong to a pediatric heart surgeon.

Wind House: Combination Of Nature And Architecture In The Thailand`s House

Openspace Design architecture company has developed a project for a house of 675 sq. meters in Bangkok, Thailand.

Interior Of The Apartment In Vilnius

The architects have designed sophisticated and exquisite interior for this apartment of 67 sq. meters.

Frame: The Residence in Argentina

The project of Frame residence from Vanguarda Architects`s designers is located in Argentina.

Reydon Grove Farm: The Farm House in Great Britain

This private house was designed by Norm.Architects bureau and put in life at Suffolk, Great Britain.

Jerry House: The Space for Games and Entertainment in Thailand

The architects of Onion bureau have put in life the project of a private house in Cha-Am city, Thailand.

The Family House Overlooking the Strait

This family house is situated in Washington state, projected by Olson Kundig architectural bureau and offers breathtaking view on the strait and Olympic Mountains.

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